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Technoport Story

Our goal is to stimulate innovation by organising events for entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders in both the public and private sector, students, researchers and dreamers. Technoport events aren’t just places to talk, they’re places to meet, discuss, share, and innovate.

We aim to act as a catalyst for the future Norwegian knowledge economy by hosting innovation and entrepreneurship events, which enable everyone to collaborate in smart and effective ways. We believe knowledge-driven innovation requires a seamless approach from research to industry.

Founded in 2005, Technoport is a membership-based organisation located in Trondheim; the technology and knowledge capital of Norway.


Trondheim is an ideal location for our activities, being a hub of high-tech spin-offs, start-ups, and R&D labs based around the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and SINTEF.

Technoport Events

Technoport organises a variety of events throughout the year:

  • An annual conference where we gather entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders, students, researchers, dreamers and other key people for crowdsourcing, master classes, matchmaking, and inspirational talks.
  • Share The Problem crowdsourcing workshops where industry meets researchers and students to help solve a specific real-world problem.
  • Tech, Hugs and Rock n Roll, our party concept to aid networking between all the different players in Trondheim's technology community.

Our History

Technoport as an organisation has constantly evolved and reinvented itself since its creation in 2005. It was founded to promote design, technology and research. It was initiated by the city manager of Trondheim and quickly generated enthusiasm among local businesses and industry, the institutions of higher education and research, as well as the regional governmental bodies. In 2005, Technoport held a technology festival in Trondheim with more than 150 exhibitors; 40 conferences and workshops; Techno Match; and Technology Awards.

During the last few years, Technoport focused on creating a knowledge sharing platform through hosting Technoport Talks; events where leading speakers from different sectors share their visions for a more sustainable future, and their ideas on how to get there.

In April 2012, Technoport organised an international scientific conference in co-operation with the Renewable Energy Research Conference (RERC), titled Technoport 2012 – Sharing Possibilities. The conference gathered over 600 scientists, policy makers, NGOs, and industry leaders from 36 different countries to share knowledge and ideas regarding smart technology in the transition towards a green economy.  Present at the conference were three Norwegian ministers and several Norwegian, and international leaders. All Technoport Talks from the conference are published on our YouTube channel.

From 2014 onwards, Technoport's aim is to act as a catalyst for the future Norwegian knowledge economy by hosting innovation and entrepreneurship events, which enable everyone to collaborate in smart and effective ways. The 2014 conference was themed around the concept of the "crowd". Our Live Crowdfunding Experiment was the first of its kind in Norway, offering the public to buy shares in companies during a live showcase. We also launched our Share the Problem crowdsourcing concept, whereby industry leaders presented problems for a combination of researchers, students, entrepreneurs and innovators to come up with new solutions.

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