Day Three at Technoport 2014

After a successful late night at the Live Crowdfunding Experiment, you could be forgiven for expecting a low turn out for the final morning of Technoport 2014.

Nothing could be further from the truth!
dag 3

The main hall was bustling for “Into a Crystal Ball” to look ahead at the challenges and opportunities for all of us. David Rowan, editor of WIRED UK magazine, revealed some of the “future” technologies that are already with us, such as OMsignal’s biometric-tracking technology and the DNA-hackers of BioCurious. His talk was immediately followed by Ian Goldin, Director of the Oxford Martin School, who took a more considered approach to the opportunities and surprises of the future.

“The median age is doubling in some parts of the world – the age of youth is gone” – Ian Goldin

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Share The Problem

Wednesday’s Share The Problem with A-Aqua was the best attended of the conference. Technoport Project Manager Rob Moore tells us what happened:

“We developed ideas for enhancing an emergency response system for processing human waste in crisis zones. A-Aqua gave us problem areas which went beyond their expertise in engineering – things like energy supply, secondary uses of waste and training end-users in how to use the system.”

“One of the outcomes was the suggestion that A-Aqua build the manual onto the system directly – meaning the user manual would be built onto the wall of the system with graphics. The company exchanged details with the participant who suggested this, and will look into potentially collaborating with NTNU industrial designers to develop this idea.”

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Later on Wednesday, a selection of speakers looked at what we can learn from the art of visual storytelling when we are trying to make sense of an ever-growing flow of unsifted data. Italian information designer Valentina D’Efilippo wrapped up the session by showcasing the latest in infographics to aid data visualisation.

Our excellent host Leo Johnson, who kept us smiling, engaged and hugged-up all week, then unveiled the brand new film from Technoport 2014, which you can watch below.


That was Technoport 2014 – thank you so much for playing a part!

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