Partner Events Announced

Technoport members and partners present a series of pre-and post-conference events.
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We are proud to announce a packed program of partner events to support Technoport 2015, Trondheim's biggest and most inspiring meeting place for innovation. Each event is run by the individual partner or partners involved and registration is separate from the main Technoport 2015 conference. For more details please our Partner Events page.

Pre-Conference Event - 17 March

Pitch Camp & Competition

Who has the best pitch? At this Pitch Camp startup founders can learn and perfect the art of pitching. This is also a qualification to participate in the pitch competition where the top eight startups from the event are given the chance to pitch on stage at the Technoport 2015 the following day. Who can best pitch their business idea in 90 seconds? The contestants have the chance to win prizes totalling 250,000 NOK, with a first prize of 100,000 NOK in cash. More details.


Pre-Conference Events - 18 March

The Dream: More Risk Capital in Norway (#drommeløftet)


Can’t wait for the conference to get started? We are serving breakfast and streaming the Dream Commitment Dialogue Meeting about risk investments from Mesh in Oslo from 0830 at Kunnskapssenteret. This event will be held in Norwegian. More details.


From Startup to Industry

Statoil and Statoil Technology Invest, together with Mid-Norway Chamber of Commerce and Industry, invites you to dig deeper into the aspects of how to build new industry companies and how to grow a company from startup to industry. This event will be held in Norwegian. More details.


Post-Conference Events - 19 March

Trondheim SmartCity

Cities all around Norway experience energy challenges and environmental challenges. Bellona, Siemens and the municipality of Trondheim will as a part of the project SmartCity introduce solutions and examples within smart infrastructure and construction technology. This event will be held in Norwegian. More details.


Dialogue Conference: GPS & Dementia

The Municipality of Trondheim will share their public procurement of innovations and how they wish to become a pilot customer of new innovative GPS tracking solutions for dementia. This event will be held in Norwegian. More details.


Kreator Exhibition

An open interactive exhibition of innovation from over 40 local startups and established businesses. More details.


International Sales Workshop

The event is suitable for startups, intrapreneurs and investors that are working with products with an international market potential. More details.


Innovation Forum

As a follow-up to Technoport 2015, we present an informal workshop for those with responsibility for innovation in larger organisations. The event will further explore how an entrepreneurial mindset can be used to facilitate innovation in a corporate environment. Invite-only. More details.


#Drømmeløftet - The Dream Commitment Workshop

After two days of quality discussion at Technoport 2015, it is time for the Norwegian technology capital to play its part in the Dream Commitment. This event will be held in Norwegian. More details.


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