Technoport 2015 for Game Developers

Here are 5 reasons why Norwegian game developers should attend Technoport 2015 in March.
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On 18 & 19 March, Norway's innovation community will gather in Trondheim for the Technoport 2015 innovation conference. Students, researchers, investors and entrepreneurs will come together under the theme of awakening the entrepreneurial mindset.

But why should you - a budding Norwegian game developer - attend Technoport 2015? Here are 5 great reasons:

1. Meet the Founding Father of the Video Games Industry

We are thrilled to welcome Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari, to Technoport 2015. Often cited as the father of the video game industry, Nolan brought Pong, the first-ever video game to market, followed by many other legendary games. He also introduced America to the in-home video game console.

He also co-created touch screen technology, which is the technology of today’s mobile devices. Today, Nolan is passionate about enhancing and improving the educational process by integrating the latest in brain science and is currently the founder and CEO of his newest project, the educational gaming company, Brainrush.

His keynote speech is sure to be a highlight of the conference.

2. Hear the story of Norway's biggest games company

Although clinical psychology was always Gaute Godager's master plan, serendipity took him on a detour. A forced break in his education gave him some extra time that he spent on co-founding Funcom, Norway's largest and most successful games company. The company rapidly grew, resulting in an IPO in 2005.

Not only has Gaute an impressive track record as an entrepreneur, he has a lot of experience working at the intersection of art and technology, and a deep understanding of the human mind and the entrepreneurial mindset.

3. Learn how to crowdfund your big idea

A major theme of Technoport conferences is crowdfunding, through which even the smallest idea can become a reality. This year, we hold the Live Crowdfunding Experience, where four Norwegian startups will pitch their business idea and ask for your cash in exchange for shares. Last year over NOK 700,000 was raised - can we do the same again this year? Read more.

4. Pitch your big idea and win 100,000 kroner in cash

Technoport's Pitch Camp and pitching competition gives startups the chance to win NOK 250,000 in prizes, including NOK 100,000 in cold, hard cash. Perfect your message and delivery at our Pitch Camp on 17 March, from where eight finalists proceed to pitch live on stage in front of hundreds of people at Technoport 2015 itself. Read more.

5. We're gamifying the conference

Check out if and how a conference can be gamified. We've developed our own conference app as an experiment in gamification and will make the results public. Read more.

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