Presenting the Tech List

Check out the exciting launch of a brand new English language publication for Trondheim's technology community.
Tech List

Those of you following what's on in Trondheim will surely have come across The List by now, Trondheim's only regular English language publication. The print magazine is available every two months and covers what's on in Trondheim through a substantial listings feature, along with previews and features relevant to Trondheim's international community.

Ahead of Technoport 2015, we have collaborated with the team behind The List to produce the Tech List, a technology and innovation-focused special edition. Today, the magazine hits the streets!

What's inside?

  • A preview of the Technoport 2015 innovation conference, including speaker profiles and the full program
  • A run-down of Trondheim's best tech startups
  • An exploraton of the Norwegian entrepreneurial compromise
  • How Norwegian startups can break into the UK - and why they should
  • A look inside the business of ARM, one of Trondheim's best-kept tech secrets
  • Plus loads more!

You can grab your copy at Technoport 2015, but if you can't wait that long you can find it included within issue 3 of The List at the Trondheim Torg information desk, Rica Bakklandet hotel, the Nidaros Cathedral visitors centre, and the DIGS cafe.

The Tech List was produced in close collaboration with The List and many of Technoport's members, partners and supporters. It's another interesting experiment for us and we would love to get your feedback on the magazine.

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