Dilak Ayhan

Dilek Ayhan

State Secretary, Ministry of Trade, Industry & Fisheries

Dilek Ayhan is State Secretary at the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries.

She is the co-founder and former Managing Director (2008-2013) of Alarga, a company established to strengthen the competitiveness of Norwegian businesses by strengthening individual companies' intellectual capacity. Ms Ayhan is a former manager of JADE, a European network for young entrepreneurs, and has during the past 12 years been serving on the board of several organizations working with diversity management and intercultural communication. She has received honorable praise for her work, and in 2010 she was among 150 international entrepreneurs and leaders invited to Washington on President Obama’s invitation to celebrate the risky, exhilarating life of entrepreneurship and share ideas about new businesses. In 2012, she received the OXLO Prize from the Oslo municipality for her significant efforts to create an inclusive and open city, free of prejudice and racism. Ms Ayhan holds a degree in Engineering from Oslo University College.

She will address Technoport 2015 about the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship to the Norwegian government.

Talks and participations

Entrepreneurial State of Mind (speaker)