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Watch all 8 pitches from the Pitch Camp Final at Technoport 2015. Which is your favourite?
Pitch Camp Golden 8

One of the most popular events at Technoport 2015 was undoubtedly the Pitch Camp, held in association with Connect Trøndelag, NTNU Accel, TrønderEnergi, Trondheim Kommune, NxtMedia and DIGS.

Following the Pitch Camp at DIGS, the "Golden 8" each gave the performance of their lives on stage at Technoport 2015 itself, bidding for a chance to walk away with NOK 100,000 in cash.

Here are the eight pitches. Which is your favourite?

1. Seram Coatings - 1st prize

Every industry needs surface protection in the form of a coating. The preferred method is thermal spray and that market is huge. However, today's coatings are not good enough. In the ideal world, coatings would be made of silicon carbide because it's hard and cheap. Many have tried, they have failed, we did it.

2. Assitech - 4th prize

Assitech AS makes AssiStep, the walker in the stairs. Stairs are difficult to climb and they're dangerous to fall for people like my grandmother. Every year in Norway, 50 people die from falling down the stairs.

AssiStep is a stair walker, giving people the support and safety they need in order to continue using stairs, staying active and walking in their own homes.

3. Morpho Solar - 3rd prize

A single mother, Somalian, aged 29 living in the world's largest refugee camp in Kenya. They have no way of cooking food or boiling water. 700 million families around the world are living in situations like this.

Our solar cooker is the perfect solution, but the UN wont buy solar cookers until they can be used after sunset or on cloudy days. Morpho Solar's unique technology offers a solution.

4. Aalberg Audio

How did Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd revolutionise the sound of the sixties? They used an effects pedal to change the sound of the guitar. They are unchanged since then, you still have to bend down to control them, until now. Our wireless controller allows the guitarist the freedom to move around.

5. Vio

We all have our Netflix for movies and Spotify for music. We're giving you Vio for your newspapers and magazines. It's difficult to subscribe to newspapers and magazines today. It's a hassle, it's expensive, you have to handle many subscriptions and the content is not always digital.

With Vio we are working to digitise print content to make it engaging and dynamic on one digital platform with all the content in Norway.

6. Staaker - 2nd prize

We made a flying cameraman. It's a drone that's smart enough to automatically follow you and capture you from the best possible angles. Our artificial intelligence will detect you are about to jump and position itself perfectly so you get the high-quality cinematic footage that you deserve.

7. MyWorkout

We combine research on health and heart with technology to give you 30 years of better life. MyWorkout is the first system in the world that instructs you, registers your activity and measures your clinical health effects.

8. Islero

We have created a Spotify for the stock market. If you are not an experienced investor, the stock market is chaos. Everyone wants to make money, but only those with the easiest access to information do so.

Islero is a platform where independent researchers, students and analysts can upload their investment research. Users pay a monthly subscription.

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