Fix Makerspace Open For Business

Trondheim's DIGS expands its coworking offering towards makers and doers.
Fix Makerspace Trondheim

The collaborative movement of Trondheim took another leap forwards this weekend with the opening of the FIX Makerspace. Located in the basement of the DIGS coworking space, FIX is a collaboration itself between DIGS, Norwegian Creations and a couple of keen individuals from Trondheim's maker community.

FIX opens with a 3D printer, vinyl cutter, a CNC milling machine, soldering stations, workbenches and a range of hand tools. Most importantly of all, there's lots of space for makers to get busy.

One of the individuals behind the project is Frode Halvorsen, and I asked him who the FIX makerspace is aimed at.

"We want to attract a diversity of makers, beyond just Trondheim's microcontroller community. We want to reach out to product designers and those working with textiles, weatables, woodworking and metalworking."

"We had a good response over the opening weekend. I hope we will see a 50/50 split between small businesses and startups that work on prototypes during the day, and hobbyists and makers in the evening.

The next step is to open a metal workshop and for space for printing and painting. We're also planning an outdoor workspace for cars and bikes. Fifteen years ago there were lots of urban workshops in Trondheim but they dont exist now and we really miss them!"

Interested? Get in touch via DIGS to arrange a visit and to find out about the opening membership offers.





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