Community Builder of the Year

Who deserves to win the first ever "Community Builder of the Year" award? Nominate the unsung heroes of Trondheim's innovation community today.
Technoport crowd

Great communities consist of great people.

Trondheim's innovation community is already made up of many wonderful individuals and is evolving at pace.

Everyone is important, but some are more involved than others in growing and furthering our community. They dedicate considerable amounts of their own personal time and resources for the greater good of us all.

Technoport wishes to recognise and celebrate these people. The Community Builder of the Year 2015 will be awarded to the person or group that:

  • Gives more to the community than they receive back
  • Are collaborative in their approach
  • Are welcoming and inclusive

The winner shall be revealed during Technoport's Tech, Hugs and Rock’n Roll on the 5th of June and receive a prize of NOK 15,000.

We invite you all to nominate candidates for the award before the deadline of the 25th of May. Simply email with your nomination, including why you think they should win.

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