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"I advise young entrepreneurs to start testing their ideas right away. The right time to start is right now, for the perfect time will perhaps never be there"
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Even though it is a relatively new industry, social networking sites seem to dominate the web. There are already a number of major social media outlets that has in some way helped users turn their hobby into a business or turn their business into a bigger business. However, creating a successful social network is not an easy task. Making money from it is arguably even harder.

Nicolay Reinhartsen, 22, CEO of Reinhartsen Consulting says their concept is to perform "social media magic for our clients."

The company, who provide consulting, training and support to individuals and businesses on social media, started as a left hand 'testing company'.

“We started with local clients and tried to create social media magic for them. After we had several success stories, we started scaling it. We began as an actual business first in January this year, and we started signing customers from different parts of Norway, as well as international clients shortly after," Reinhartsen says.


Photo: Stian (left) and Nicolay (right) Reinhartsen, meeting with an Account Executive at Google in San Francisco

The development of social media is almost impossible to understate. When Facebook started they added over 200 million users in less than a year, the video-sharing website YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and the online networking service Twitter claims 302 million active monthly users. 80% of companies are already using social media for requirement.

After seeing these facts we could possibly state that today, social media is not only used to stay connected with friends and family but also for other purposes like professional learning, networking and researching.

"We are in the perfect age to understand the mechanics in the new channels, because they influence us in the same matter. We offer our clients support, seminars, workshops, and strategic guidance to help them create the content that is needed to kick-ass in that channel."

"The profiled people in our company use their own social media channels to profile both themselves and our clients. We attract people and business because we are fearless, energetic and kindhearted, and people usually remember meeting us because we make an impact."

Famous clients on the list

"We attract new customers and grow business by social selling and success stories from our clients. We do not focus on long-term contracts, but rather in the value of constant performance for our clients. The social selling is done by networking and to grow our personal accounts in the different channels," Reinhartsen says.

Some of the company's most interesting clients at the moment include THE THIEF, Nustay luxury hotels, the artist Matoma and the football team Viking, which was recently awarded the number 1 team on social media in Norway.

“Most of our clients are really exciting to work with, but one of the most exciting ones right now is Matoma. He is the next big thing in electronic music in Norway. This week he released a record with Jennifer Lopez and Jason Derulo called «Try Me». We are working on his social medias, and my colleague is joining him on tour throughout Europe and the US this summer.”

A normal day is often filled with travel, workshops, meetings and preparation for future projects.

"The next goal for the company is to grow further, start hiring more people and build our new company in Oslo, Kvadad AS. Kvadad is a platform for Instagram-ads, and we are one and a half months away from the launch and already have over 2 million followers in our network.”

Be fearless

"Our best tip for networking would be to be authentic and fearless. Picture what you want to exude to other people, then work on those skills until you see the impact you want in other people."

“I advise young entrepreneurs to start testing their ideas right away. The right time to start is right now, for the “perfect time” will perhaps never be there. Find your passion, and implement with all that you have. You will have to pivot probably hundreds of times, but failing is only preparation for the major success that is right in front of you.”


Lead photo: mkhmarketing

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