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Startup Weekend Trondheim

Technoport is proud to once again sponsor Startup Weekend Trondheim, our local edition of the global entrepreneurship challenge. The event allows anyone: developers, designers, marketers, retierees, students, to come together and enjoy a weekend of fun, learning, and action.

It's all and well and good talking about how to get more people interested in entrepreneurship, but the real answer is by doing. I've no doubt Trondheim Maker Faire inspired many people to think about problems they could solve. Now here is the perfect opportunity to take that process to the next level!

Maybe you'll create a prototype or prove demand for a serivce, maybe you'll learn something new, or maybe you'll meet someone that could have an impact on your professional life: a mentor, a business partner, a new employee?

If you code for a living, you won’t believe what’s possible in just one focused weekend. If you're a designer or student of marketing, why not use the opportunity to pick the basics of HTML and CSS as well as sharing your business skills.

Here are five fantastic reasons to attend:

  • to work on a fun, creative project, outside of your normal day job
  • to develop your technical skills, or learn something new
  • to network with other developers, designers and students from Trondheim
  • to create an app, website or service that could potentially change your life
  • to meet new people and above all else – have fun!

Anyone is welcome, but these two specialities are always in demand:

Developers - Python, PHP, C++, Java, Ruby, something else – anyone with coding experience is welcome to buy a developer ticket, whatever your language of choice. Students of Software Engineering and Computer Science are equally welcome – there is no better place to develop your coding skills than at Startup Weekend.

Designers - from user interface design to marketing material, designers are always in demand at Startup Weekend. Even the best coder needs a designer to implement their vision and make it work, look and feel great.

The event takes place from 25-27 September at the Gløshaugen campus of NTNU. Things kick off on Friday night with pitches, voting and forming teams for the weekend. You then spend the weekend working on your chosen idea, with the help of some of Oslo’s brightest minds who will be holding mentoring sessions. On Sunday night you present your idea – perhaps a finished prototype – to a jury, who then select the winners.

But it's not about winning. Each team has as much chance as all the others to take the idea and run with it beyond the weekend. There's many success stories of teams still going strong, and even more of people who met at a Startup Weekend going on to work together in the future.

Find out more or book your place now – you won’t regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Technoport supporting Startup Weekend Trondheim?

We believe the only way to understand entrepreneurship is to experience it, and Startup Weekend is the perfect opportunity for anyone to try it out. As an events organisation, Technoport is committed to supporting the very best entrepreneurial opportunities in and around Trondheim, whether they are run by us or not!

Do I need to pitch an idea?

No, but we would recommend doing so, regardless of how good you think the idea is. Even the most silly idea might strike a chord with others at the event. Even if not, pitching your idea in just a few seconds is an important skill to learn in entrepreneurship, so why not begin your learning experience at the earliest opportunity?

I'm only a student, what can I contribute?

Ideas, energy, experience, enthusiasm, research, coding, designing, marketing: you tell us!

I'm "old", what can I contribute?

The age range at Startup Weekends varies hugely. Yes the event is popular with students, but experienced professionals bring unique ideas and valuable knowledge to the table. We've even seen examples of retired people thoroughly enjoying themselves, so whatever your age, you will be welcome at Startup Weekend Trondheim.

I really want to go but I'm poor. Is there anything you can do?

There's something you can do: buy an early bird ticket from just NOK 300 before 11 September! That ticket includes all food for the weekend, so it might even save you money...

Find out more and buy your ticket.



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