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Technoport 2016

Crack the Code at Technoport 2016: 2 & 3 March 2016

Technoport 2016 is where startups, researchers, investors, students, industrialists and the public sector meet to share ideas and create new opportunities.

Take a look at this video and get a glimpse of some of our favourite moments of Technoport 2015 - Awakening The Entrepreneurial Mindset. Do you want to experience the Technoport feeling 2016? This year we will Crack the code together! Have you bought your ticket yet?

Meet, Share & Innovate

Experience live equity crowdfunding, a pitching competition, hands-on workshops and inspiring talks from some of the world’s greatest innovative minds, including:

  • Maker movement general Dale Dougherty
  • Industry 4.0 builder and new SINTEF CEO Alexandra Bech Gjørv
  • NTNU’s design thinking guru Martin Steinert
  • and loads more

Register today for Technoport 2016 to join hundreds of like-minded investors, businesses, startups, researchers and students. 

Attendees will:

  • Meet some of the world's great innovation thinkers
  • Understand how technology will impact the way we do business three years from now
  • Gain insight into new problem-solving methods and business trends
  • Be at the centre of things as guests from around the world meet Norway's most innovative minds

Don't miss out: register today


About the Technoport conference

The Technoport conference is an annual international conference on innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialisation that aims to smash together the knowledge quality and mastery of complexity from the academic world with the rapid and agile workflow of startups in an attempt to solve global challenges. In 2014 we talked about the sharing economy and the power of the crowd through crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. In 2015 we talked about awakening the entrepreneurial mindset. In 2016 we will focus on how to crack the code to innovation.


About Technoport

A collaborative task force for Trondheim, Technoport puts on events throughout the year to support and grow a culture for innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialisation.

A non-profit financed by local businesses, institutions and the public sector, Technoport's goal is to remove pain, even bring joy, to the life of entrepreneurs in all organisations. Technoport events also attract investors, researchers, students and established businesses to come together, learn, collaborate and have fun.

We have eight full members:



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