One Life, One Opportunity

The MIXER event was a great platform for network building, promotion and search for investment.

After the oil crisis the Norwegian future cannot be based on oil and gas any more. Now, it is time to think differently and be innovative, create a better future, lead the way for new and fresh ideas. A step towards a better future was taken at the MIXER event in Trondheim.

Last Tuesday, Technoport visited its innovation promoting partner MIXER. The event took place at Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel in Trondheim. The MIXER event is a great platform for network building, innovation promotion and search for investments. The participants were inspired by lightning fast talks of only two minutes from a wide range of different entrepreneurs from a webpage as to Norsk Olje og Gas. The evening was a great opportunity to meet entrepreneurs, researchers, students, investors and just incredible people.

Besides an opportunity for network building, there was a big treasure hunt for investments during the mingling competition. The winner received a one thousand krone certificate. Entrepreneurs such as Folk Først and Railway that participated at MIXER last year got in touch with investors and received during the evening and later more than 10 million NOK in investments.

A launch pad

MIXER was a starting point for Folk Først to go out into the real world and release their ideas. The investors were impressed by the idea of this consulting company to be the best working place. Their working essence is that the best place will stimulate the best workers, the best products and in the end the best customers. Due to Folk Først, love and good feelings (serotonin and oxytocin) are essential for your business. “Let’s do things that we like with people who we like, and then we will create better future!”

MIXER is focused on students since Trondheim is the best student city in Norway. Many of the students participated for the first time. Some of them did not have any specific expectations from the evening; others came to the MIXER with incredible ideas regarding medical equipment, engineering, etc. Many entrepreneurs who presented at MIXER started out at NTNU Entrepreneurship School as Gobi and Graphic Design Collective. Hybelrating’s inspiring presentation explained how it is possible to combine job, start-up and studying. The entrepreneurs spoke about the motivation, personal development and efficiency behind their work, how they achieved the highest results in the shortest possible time by accomplishing goal lists, moving from quantity to quality and prioritizing the right things.

Here we could meet people who did not hesitate to try to start something new and bring their ideas to life even though it was challenging and they had reservations and fears. is a peer-to-peer car rental company co-founded by former co-founder from in Norway. Nabobil has 5000 active users and provides 1000 active cars for rent. But the main magical point, that founders of Nabobil have not spent a krone until now.


With no hesitation, the star of the event was mental coach Erik Bertrand Larssen with his success stories, ups and downs that made him stronger than ever and let him build a business on coaching sportsmen and businessmen. The combination of funny and sad stories made the evening even more special and inspiring.

Do it best

“If you do things do it best! We have only one life, one opportunity, and one chance. You can achieve something fantastic. If you are going to party, party as a God! If you are not social, be very social! If you are running a shop, do it best! Every morning ask a question that you want to “What I am looking forward to today?” And never forget your smile. It makes life better,” said Bertrand.

The most important lesson that I took away from MIXER was never hesitate and believe in yourself, and your idea like entrepreneurs at MIXER. To bring your idea to reality you need to meet the right people in the right place at the right moment. And probably this place is the MIXER.


Photo: Tech Cocktail

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