Crack The World

To kickstart Technoport 2016 we present international gamechangers. A norwegian technology company who have innovated for decades in multiple sectors. Among them; Commercial fleets, oil & gas aswell as manufacturing. We will meet the founder and a driver of the Makermovement.  And we will meet one of the co-founders of Kick-Starter.


Breakthrough research has seldom as big an impact on our life as when it is further developed into innovation. It is when insights are implemented as a new product, process or service that innovative research disrupts our everyday life.

While these innovations seem small at first glance, they sometimes enable a chain reaction that change the world as we know it.

They've cracked the code.

In this session we will meet three leaders, who in their different ways have cracked the code.

They have digitilized the surface of the ocean, they have created a movement where individuals change from being consumers to being producers. And they have utilized the crowd to validate markets for products that does not exist yet.


Photo: Christophe

Wednesday 02. Mar.
10:00 - 12:00
Clarion Hotel & Congress

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Hege Skryseth2

Hege Skryseth

Executive Vice President of KONGSBERG

Charles Adler

Co-Founder Kickstarter
Dale Dougherty

Dale Dougherty

Founder, Maker Media, Inc


Leo Johnson

Leo Johnson

Host of Technoport 2016