Bridge the Innovation Gap

How do we translate our societies investment in research and development into positive change in everyone's life? What are the codes we need to crack to go from knowledge production to invention?

Bridge the Innovation Gap

Not enough of our investments in science and research results in global impact. This is an issue that has been discussed; what is needed to increase the innovative output of research?

Since no one is opposed to innovation, we doubt that banging you need to innovate into the head of the scientists is the answer. But what is the answer?

  • Are we focusing on the wrong channels of impact? Patent vs opensource?
  • Are we underestimating the difficulty of innovation?
  • When seen from a scientist's perspective, is commercialisation just plain boring?
  • Are there systemic barriers in academia?

Photo: Phil Aaronson

Wednesday 02. Mar.
13:00 - 14:30
Clarion Hotel & Congress

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Dirh Ahlborn

Dirk Ahlborn

CEO of Hyperloop T.T. Inc
Alexandre Bech Gjørv

Alexandra Bech Gjørv

President and CEO of SINTEF
Tuomas Nousiainen

Tuomas Nousiainen

Open Innovation Policy at European Commission


Martin Steinert

Martin Steinert

Professor of Engineering Design and Innovation at NTNU, Former D-School, Stanford.
Florian Schneider22

Florian Schneider

Head of the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art


Leo Johnson

Leo Johnson

Host of Technoport 2016