Jennifer Vessels

Jennifer Vessels

CEO, Next Step

CEO of Next Step, Silicon Valley. A sought after speaker for GartnerGroup, Investor Conferences, Executive Leadership Groups.

Jennifer led Tandberg’s international expansion and launch of Tandberg USA prior to founding Next Step, a 40 person global consultancy based in Silicon Valley. Since 1997, Next Step’s team has led successful revenue growth for global companies including Adobe, Cisco, Google, Ticketmaster and many Nordic companies including GiPS, TiFic, Opera, BMenu, Nevion.

Next Step Europe, based in Norway provides best practices in commercialization to leading entrepreneurial companies across the Nordic, Europe and Israel. Jennifer holds a MBA from San Jose State and a Masters of Occupational Psychology from the University of London, as well as being a Certified Management Consultant.

"Without Next Step’s assistance Adobe's transition to the new business model and strategy would not have been as successful. No other firm could provide the breadth and depth of Go to Market support we needed through the 3—5 year transition period." - Lisa Graham, VP Sales Adobe

"Jennifer’s approach to sales excellence, dedication to results and passion for bringing great Nordic innovations to the global market have made a real difference for Tandberg, TiFiC, OneMobileTools and many other Norwegian companies – we have a lot to learn from her." - Terje Rogne, Prior COO Tandberg

Talks and participations

High Value Sales Strategy (speaker)
Pre Event: For Investors Only - How to pick a winner (speaker)