Share the Problem - HR Efficiency in Local Government

The city of Trondheim employs more than 12,500 people to provide the population of Trondheim with a comprehensive array of public services. To ensure that The quality of time spent on delivery is optimal, there is a need for a corporate governanance system to enable holistic decision-making processes.

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Technology enables the individual to participate in the public sphere to a larger degree, as a source of knowledge (crowdsourcing), as a business entity (sharing economy), and even as a media outlet (social media) or investor (crowdfunding). It is against this backdrop that the municipality of Trondheim wishes to explore future posibilities.

It is possible to attend this workshop separately from Technoport 2016. To register just for this workshop, click here.

Share the Problem - Software for corporate governance in an organisation with distributed power

The municipality of Trondheim employs more than 12.500 people who are charged with providing the population of Trondheim with a comprehensive array of public services, including infrastructure, technical services, healthcare, education, social services and cultural services.

A significant proportion of the current service offering is delivered directly by groups of professionals and more than 85% of the municipality’s NOK 13 billion annual budget is related to salaries. In the education sector, the rate is as high as 96%. How the municipality’s employees spend their time is of paramount importance to the quality and range of services offered.

The quality of time spent on delivering services is tantamount to the organization's successful realization of socio-political objectives.

The city of Trondheim is expected to deal with emerging “wicked” social problems where potential solutions are likely to stir ideological tensions or run contrary to vested stakeholder interests. In order for the organsation to manouvre flexibly in the face of ambiguity it is believed that minimum structuration will be key to success. Professionals, it is assumed, will act consciously and conscientiously to sort out the issues at hand and suggest a suitable approach. This style of governance moves contrary to modes of governance characterised by more traditional command and control. For the public to have faith in Trondheim kommune they need se see that what is ultimately delivered is effectively serving the greater good. How can Trondheim kommune continue to evolve its governance model and systems in ways that make it more likely public confidence is enhanced?  

The Task Ahead

The municipality is in need for IT tools to manage, support decision-making and record data on three main processes.


  • Plan policy
  • Plan strategy
  • Plan hierarchy (1year, 4 year and 12 year perspectives)

 Risk Management

  • Quality Management
  • Internal control
  • Health, safety and environment

Performance Managment

  • Incentives
  • Results (both projects and individuals)

Desired Outcome

A IT solution that helps the municipality to provide the best possible service for its citizens with zero waste of resources. Tools that enable holistic decision-making on the use of its manpower with out disabling the individuals ownership to decisions, solutions and goals.

It could include features like:

  • Dashboard: Real time, visualization on the performance of the organization
  • Scenarios: Show implications across the municipality
  • Talent development: Data-driven HR development

Known Obstacles

  • Privacy: What data can be shared with whom.
  • Not My Job: Complicated systems have intertwined consequences that cross verticals. With out the proper distribution of mandate and responsibilities.
  • Data Overload: How to give the right data to the right people when they need them?

The Road Ahead

The city of Trondheim, in collaboration with National Programme for Supplier Development and Technoport, invites you to a multi-disciplinary workshop on 3 March to start a conversation about this topic.

To narrow the scope, the workshop will start with the health and welfare services of the municipality.

This is a project that has elements of many disciplines, and the more disciplines engage, the scope of possibilities expand.

The need is real, and the market is larger than just the city of Trondheim. The intention is to procure such a product down the road that does not yet exist today.

We are sharing the problem. Will you join us to expand the possibilities, identify the opportunities and pave a path towards a solution?


Thursday 03. Mar.
13:00 - 16:00
Clarion Hotel & Congress

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