You can now invest in 4 innovative startups!

The Live Crowdfunding Experience is officially underway with the launch of our new MyShare Live platform.

The Live Crowdfunding Experience takes place for the third time during this year’s Technoport. Four startups have been selected to the event. You can read about them here.

During the event, the four startups will pitch their products and ideas live from the stage and receive investments live from the crowd. If you can’t wait until the 2nd of March, you can make an investment already today!

For this year’s edition, a new platform called MyShare Live has been introduced. It is specially tailor-made for live-events with streaming of pitches, real-time analytics and an own “remote-control” on mobile. It is very user-friendly and makes it easier to make investments to the startups you believe in!

Here is how Myshare.Live works: You create a user via your Facebook-, Twitter-account or by e-mail. You will then be ready to buy shares from each of the startups. After each startup has made their pitch from the stage, you will be able to ask questions to them. It is possible to do this on Myshare.Live.

This officially kicks off the Live Crowdfunding Experience.

Head on over to MyShare Live. In addition to making an investment, you can read and watch a video-presentation of each startup. Technoport is excited about this year’s event. We hope the each startup gets a sizeable investment in order to help them further launch their ideas and products into the market.

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