T:Lab Accelerate Launch

At this invite only session, Kunnskapsparken and its partners will launch the first accelerator program in the Trøndelag region and the selected startup companies.



Kunnskapsparken Nord-Trøndelag is one of the incubators in the national Siva network that has taken on the task of matching the best startups with experienced entrepreneurs to create investor ready cases prepared for international markets.

Ambitious entrepreneurs face many challenges on their way to success. Even with a great concept, they need to get the first customers and convince investors. A key challenge at this stage is to build a strong team with limited resources. The best people are busy and expensive. The second best people may be available, but likely to be more financially motivated than success oriented. Traditional incubation and mentoring tend to become reactive counselling, not proactive and operational support. T:Lab Accelerate represents a solution to this challenge.

The accelerator program is an intensive and comprehensive 5 months program focusing on speeding up the go-to-market process, developing an investor-ready startup hooked up to relevant international programs or hotspots. After only a few months the startup is likely to have an investor-ready case with a clear business model approved by the first customers:

  • A clear market/product fit
  • A scalable business
  • A great team
  • A convincing plan for success

During this session, the selected companies will meet each other, and they will get the first input from the program by serial entrepreneur Ken Morse, who they will learn more from in the workshop after lunch. At the end of the session the program and the companies will be presented to the press.

Thursday 03. Mar.
09:00 - 12:00
Clarion Hotel & Congress

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