Christian Gutvik

Christian Gutvik

Business developer at NTNU TTO

Christian works with business development at NTNU Technology Transfer (TTO).

TTO works to generate viable businesses out of science and innovative ideas from NTNU and Helse Midt-Norge. Our goal is to reach the market in form of new products or services that benefit our society. Christian’s background is MSc in Cybernetics Engineering and a Phd in Biomedical Engineering, and has through his research worked with mathematical modeling of physiology and methods for clinical validation. After his academic career Christian joined a technology startup company in 2008, Aptomar, with the primary responsibility to manage technical development teams with focus on customer value and turning R&D into industrialized products. In the period from 2008 to 2012 Aptomar went from delivering its first pilot installation to reaching a revenue of 84 MNOK, and being awarded 2nd place on Deloitte Technology Fast50  two years in a row.

Soon after Christian joined TTO in 2013, Christian was contacted by Professor Ulrik Wisløff on the idea of PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence). Christian joined Ulrik to co-invent the technology behind PAI, and in 2014 BeatStack was spun out as company from TTO together with the co-founders Ulrik, Lasse Berre and Alf Egil Edvardsen. Christian went on board in BeatStack as CEO working together with the rest of the founders to develop the product concepts, technology, business strategy and financing.

Talks and participations

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