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The venue is Dokkhuset, and on the stage you can enjoy:

Known from Highasakite, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and Sunswitch among others. Lo is coming to #techhugsrock to show us how he uses technology to compose music and create soundscapes.

JESSICA from Slush

MORTEN WOLDEN rådmann i Trondheim Kommune

STARTUP GUIDE Trondheim Kick-Off
Startup Guide World IVT is here to tell the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Trondheim the story of how the book series have conquered some of the most important startup ecosystem cities in Europe. Now the focus is on Trondheim and how Trondheim’s accelerated ecosystem places the city next in the row besides Lisbon, London and Vienna. Sofi Sitha Natarajah (CMO) and Erik Hebbe (Sales & marketing) will talk about how Startup Guide Trondheim will share Trondheim’s startup ecosystem story with an international audience and how local community builders can help contribute to the story.

A local Trondheim-based team of native English writers, photographers and project manager has now started to work on what is to become Startup Guide Trondheim. The project is initiated by Technoport as a strategy to communicate Trondheim’s tech ecosystem to an international audience. The project is financed by the city sponsors Trondheimsregionen, Innovation Norway and the Municipality Of Trondheim.

Their live band together with the club concept RGB Unit will give us energetic and playful disco and house music.

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#techhugsrock #TRDplayground

This event is a part of Trondheim Playground. See the full festival program here:

Full Artist Bio:

A Norwegian jazz musician (tuba, flugabone, guitar) and composer. He has redefined the use of tuba and its role in band. From its traditional role as the low-end in symphony orchestras and Dixieland bands, he has taken the instrument to a new direction, filling the position as the ultra low end in metal- and noise bands. With a bunch of electronics and huge amps, Kristoffer’s tuba sounds like a low-end monster and a high pitched squeal at the same time. He is a part of bands like Pelbo, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, Microtub, Sunswitch and Highasakite.

With music studies from the jazz program at the Musikkonservatoriet i Trondheim, he has slowly built up a solid reputation both in Norway and elsewhere.

Kristoffer Lo is playing a full concert September 1. at Rockheim after his 3. soloalbum release.

Behind the name Reggie got beats we find producer, DJ and drummer Egil Reistadbakk. In his studio in Trondheim, Norway, he creates disco music in all shapes and sizes, whether it's badass boogie, straight pop or intense house. His music can be described as playful and humorous, but always presented with great skill and obvious knowledge of the disco genre. Keywords as sexy female vocals, tasteful 80's references and dead on funk bass can be used to describe his music.

Reggie got beats is affeliated with Norway's most prominent disco family - Diskorama Records, alongside names as Ralph Myerz, Mathias Stubø, Kappekoff and Bendik Baksaas. After two singles and a vinyl release on Diskorama, Reggie has now also signed with NDYD Records who houses acts like the Italian producers Mogul and BVRGR.

On stage he brings his three-piece band RGB Unit, extending his electronic music into a live setting in the intersection between a DJ set and a concert. Kari (vocals), Aleksander (guitar) and Kristian (bass) gives the music an extra dimension, where the spontaneity of great musicians and improvisers let Reggie take his music to a place he never could in a traditional DJ set. Everything is seamlessly mixed together into an intense hour of danceable music, and will satisfy the needs of your eyes, ears and feet.

Speaker Bio

Sofi Sitha Natarajah
- Head of Marketing & HR, Startup Guide World IVT

Sofi has been working with people, community building, branding and marketing in startups and projects she helped co-found during the years before joining Startup Guide World IVT. Her strengths of how to communicate city ecosystems have come from her experience as a partner in DiscoverCity, TEDx and CREATRS among others.

Morten Wolden
- Rådmann, Trondheim Kommune

Erik Hebbe
- Sales & Marketing Assistant, Startup Guide World IVT

Erik is currently doing a Bachelor in European Management at the University of Applied Sciences Wildau. He is currently working to establish and grow an increasing retail-network of book sales in Denmark, Germany and new international Startup Guide cities.

Friday 26. Aug.
19:00 - 22:00
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