Technoport Live Crowdfunding is back

Are you the next FlowMotion, Dropracks, Minmemoria, Stikkmenn, Assitech or Vepak?
FlowMotion CFX win

We present to you the Live Crowdfunding Experience 2017 - bigger, better, louder, and smarter!

Technoport Live Crowdfunding Experience is looking for companies for our event in March 2017 - enter the stage, win audiences, and let the crowd fund your business. Application open until January 13th!

In 2016, Technoport crowd invested 2.3 million NOK in four local startups at the Technoport Live Crowdfunding Experience, beating all prior expectations. FlowMotion Technologies received a total of 1,100,000 NOK. The runner-up DropRacks received 613,350 NOK, MinMemoria received 461,910 NOK and Stikkmenn received 215,000 NOK.

This year it could be your company that gets this funding. At Technoport 2017 you have the chance to get attention from investors, valuable investments and the network to accelerate your business. We are repeating the event at Technoport: The Human Factor with three new startups keen to persuade you to part with your cash in return for equity in their dreams.

This time, instead of last year's, we will use an upgraded version of that platform called Folkeinvest. Folkeinvest allows audiences and investors to browse the companies’ prospectuses and submit their share purchase all from a simple smartphone.

Applications for the Live Crowdfunding Experience are now open for startups that are looking for investments and need help getting investment ready. Three chosen startups will get the opportunity to set a valuation for their companies, sell shares and present their companies from the stage in front of an audience of investors March 8 in order to get instant funding.


Here is the timeline leading up to Live Crowdfunding Experience:

CFX timeline

Want to apply? Questions regarding application process? 
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Photo: Wil Lee-Wright

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