Innovation Expo at Technoport 2017

At the Innovation Expo we will explore how new technology is changing the way we live, work and learn. For one day only a mix of innovative research, startups and industry will give us a unique glimpse of our potential future.

It will be a hands-on and fun experience with the chance to discuss this future technology with the very people that is creating it. The Innovation Expo will only be open on Wednesday the 8th of March. Each project is hand-picked for their human factor, impact potential and interactivity, so get to Technoport early to make sure you have time to experience them all. Read more about the Innovation Expo here

Health - Try HoloLens in the operation room

Come see new instruments and tech that are making surgery less invasive, safer and faster. And how tele-presence, wearables, lab-on-chip and digital solutions are making it possible to do more and more for our health safely in our own homes. Will this ensure a future where everyone gets the care they need and there is more time for human interaction and genuine caring?  Sopra Steria have developed an application for surgeons at Oslo University Hospital. They use the app with HoloLens glasses to prepare for, and improve, liver cancer operations. In time, the glasses may also be used during the actual operation.


Enhancing Humans - Boost your creativity with neurostimulation

Not everything is about technology replacing humans, as we will see in this part of the Expo tech can also do amazing stuff in terms of enhancing human capacity. While we might not be full on cyborgs yet, we’re way past the basic hearing aids and prosthetics. Now it’s possible to see sound, use our minds to control drones or even enhance our brains performance by stimulation. Platoscience is developing a neurostimulator,  a consumer device that can influence the brain functions of the person wearing it.


Learning - Learn from educational robots

Technology is changing the way we can learn in more ways than just replacing our books with iPads and apps or flipping the classroom. Telepresence robots is making it possible for more people to participate, and robots designed for learning might provide the extra support teachers need to take good care of individual students in big classes. But can the robots do it all? 

Educational Robot

Work - See new tech in the human manufacturing process

Here we’ll see examples of how tech can make our work safer and more productive. This includes simulations, big data analysis, automation and much more. Finding the best way for tech and humans to work together to achieve bigger things is an important challenge for our future, and like many times before this might have to include us humans reinventing what “work” means.  Project ALTT from Sintef, Hydro, Attensi & Cybernetica focuses on Acceleration of Learning at the workplace. The main goal is to accelerate learning and enable operators to make better and more efficient decisions at the work floor.

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